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Posted: 20 Jan 2016, 22:23
by stevezodiac
He said they fight one wins but he doesn't say who wins. I've been reading my Real West magazines recently and one issue had a story about Liver Eating Johnson a mountain man who could have been the subject of that film. Google him and see.

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Posted: 21 Jan 2016, 12:37
JT Mirana wrote:
Peter Gray wrote:anyone seen this yet
The Revenant
would be nice for your review..
My Facebook post on the film:

"Well, that was a bog standard survival/revenge narrative distinguished by visually and evocatively powerful use of MASSIVE wilderness landscapes. I liked it."

To which I'd add, it's really only the direction and scenery that mark it out, imo. Performances are good but nothing dazzling and the story is your basic 'Greedy bad guy kills noble good guy for money. Noble good guy isn't dead and returns by difficult route to confront greedy bad guy. They fight. One wins. The End.'

And The End is straight out of Batman Begins.

I saw this on Monday, JT: fantastic picture, gripping throughout and the 150 odd minutes just flew past.

Great survivalist theme, very gory in bits, with a great assault by a Grizzly Bear on De Caprio within one unbroken take that does NOT look faked in the slightest.

Easily one of the best ten films you will see all year I guarantee.

Spectacular in a more natural way, and not an assault on the senses as usually inflicted upon us by Whiz-Bang Happy Hollywood.


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Posted: 22 Jan 2016, 11:54
by JT Mirana
I hope my mini-review didn't give the impression I didn't enjoy it, I loved it. I'm a great fan of survival movies - THE EDGE is a favourite of mine. I just don't think it's quite the masterpiece some critics are hailing it as. But certainly one to see on the biggest screen possible.

Far more satisfying than SPECTRE, which was a big ho-hum disappointment for all the whizzery-bangery.

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Posted: 23 Jan 2016, 11:00
heah, Heah, JT!

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Posted: 24 Jan 2016, 10:21
by Peter Gray
thanks for your thoughts and reviews..

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Posted: 13 Feb 2016, 22:01
by colcool007
Just seen Deadpool and it was brilliant. A laugh from start to finish. The language was robust, so don't go if foul language offends you. Action scenes were definitely well choreographed and are worth watching several times over.

Scripting was sharper than a serpent's tooth and there were plenty of wisecracks to keep any fan of the merc with a mouth happy.

If the cinema wasn't so expensive, I would go back for a second viewing.

5/5 from me.

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Posted: 15 Feb 2016, 10:16
It reminded me of a sort of 'ambitious Kick Ass', Col.

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Posted: 21 Feb 2016, 00:02
by Shiner
Loved Deadpool - my favourite since Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Posted: 25 Mar 2016, 18:46
BATMAN v SUPERMAN; Dawn of Justice ***

youtube trailer HERE:

THESE Superhero [oh, OK, Batman is supposedly a mere mortal, but you know what I mean] flicks were a treat once Hollywood got to grips with what CGI could put onscreen [if done properly]: for example, CGI was finally able to give us live-action scenes of Spiderman zipping around cityscapes, the way the action was originally done in the comic books.

HOWEVER! I feel the novelty of these FX-fests are wearing off : despite all the serious money and undoubted skills of vast numbers of employees required to put together these onscreen cavortings, the deaded Law of Diminishing Returns have long set in, with nothing really much 'new' on offer here.

Plenty of action [the imagery in this one is more MARVEL than DC I would wager] and effective dystopian scenarios [set within an other recognizable USA] but with too much unlovable characters who bear little resembalnce to the comic-book definitives: give me the pen-and-ink Lois Lane and Lex Luthor over the less than memorable live-action counterparts seen here------------overall, this is worth a look, but just too derivitive and formulaic to be regarded anything other than just routine.


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Posted: 25 Mar 2016, 20:06
by philcom55
I'm afraid I tend to agree Rab. I DID like Superman and Batman's light-hearted exchange about Wonder Woman...but one joke in a whole film seems a bit thin!

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Posted: 26 Mar 2016, 07:24
Did you notice though, Phil. the opening credit;

BATMAN created by Bob Kane and BILL FINGER:

---this is a fairly new development, apparantly Bob Kane cleaned up financially through creating Batman, but he often denied Finger had any real input in the overall design of the famous crime-fighter: I myself tend to side with Finger, and good to see he is finally getting proper recognition for his probable input.

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Posted: 26 Mar 2016, 11:42
by philcom55
I agree Rab. Interestingly they also credited a list of other people like Jim Aparo whose work had inspired sequences in the film.

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Posted: 28 Mar 2016, 10:38
by George Shiers
I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane recently. Good idea but disappointed with the ending.

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Posted: 30 Mar 2016, 08:25
Cloverfield Lane was really good, I thought, George: it had nothing much to do with the first Cloverfield film, other than it centred on survivalism after the alien attack established in the first outing: this second serving is no 'giant monster' extravaganza, it's more of a psychological drama.

I found this quite gripping


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Posted: 06 Apr 2016, 22:22
by starscape
Yeah, 8/10 for me. Thought it was terrific and loved the ending. You never quite knew what was happening. I'd e convinced one thing was going to happen only for something else entirely.