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New Forum Default Style

Posted: 29 Dec 2011, 11:01
by Al
We have had tremendous success with the latest Forum style to weed out spammers. 100% in fact. Incredible! Us mods will now get back 15-30 minutes of our evenings from now on :D

The new Forum style of Hestia has been in place for all new members for the past week, but the general default style has always been bo2soft. But that has now changed. Hestia will be the overall default style from today! It offers so much more. Feeds, Quick Reply, Wide-Screen and Anti-Spammer counter-measures being the main ones.

However, if you don't like the new Hestia style you can revert back to bo2soft in the following way (you can also choose from a few other styles as well).

1: Go to the User Control Panel (UCP) (
2: Board Preferences
3: My Board Style option
4: Select bo2soft (or any other style)
5: Submit button

Thank you,


Re: New Forum Default Style

Posted: 31 Dec 2011, 20:08
by Digifiend
Al, I'm using Absolution, and for some reason Quick Reply is available in the non-comics discussion and General comics discussion forums, but not Comic Titles (haven't tested the other skins, but I find Absolution is closest to the design of the main Comics UK site). Also, there are Home links between the Forum Index and sub-forum links at the top of all pages. Logically, there should be one Home link, and it should be before the Forum Index link, like the one on the Digital Spy forum.