`Shadows` and `Dramarama-Spooky` on DVD

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`Shadows` and `Dramarama-Spooky` on DVD

Post by alanultron5 »

I was delighted to recently discover the old childrens series "Shadows" and "Dramarama-Spooky" were now out on DVD!

"Shadows" ran three series 1975, 1976 and 1978. The "Dramarama -Spooky" series of 1983 was a precursor to the regular "Dramarama" series!

All from Thames TV these Childrens series have some surprisingly strong and scary episodes between them!

I defy anyone to watch "The Keeper" from "Dramarama - Spooky" DVD on a dark night and not be just that little bit `spooked`!! :o
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Re: `Shadows` and `Dramarama-Spooky` on DVD

Post by Raven »

Lots about these and similar on the 'Retro TV' thread!

http://comicsuk.co.uk/Forum/viewtopic.p ... &start=135

I'm just going through 'Dramarama: Spooky' myself.

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