Hancock unheard

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Hancock unheard

Post by Niblet »

Forum members with an interest in vintage radio comedy, or in radio personalities who had their own comic strips, might like to know that a special Tony Hancock episode, apparently unbroadcast for over 50 years, will be aired this coming weekend.


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Re: Hancock unheard

Post by NP »

This was lost until the late Bob Monkhouse's archive was searched a few years back and the only known copy surfaced. Even the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society haven't heard it yet. I'll be listening, and I know someone in Greece who will be listening too!

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Re: Hancock unheard

Post by philcom55 »

NP wrote:I know someone in Greece who will be listening too!
...By ham radio no doubt! :)

- Phil R.

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Re: Hancock unheard

Post by stevezodiac »

I have some reel to reel tapes with vintage radio shows including Milligna the well known typing error and shows from the first couple of series of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue when Bill Oddie was a regular panellist. I haven't heard them for a few decades because i no longer have a reel to reel player.

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