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Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 06 Oct 2012, 11:34
by Tin Can Tommy
I actually had a comics related dream last night. In it IPC released a new annual full of comics however all these comics were blatent rip-offs of Beano characters however it was very well drawn and looked like the work of Steve Bright.

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 18 Oct 2012, 08:30
I had a very in-depth comics-dream last night:

DCT were launching a new comic [special offer 2.99 down from the usual 6'99!] There was a sustained TV ad, and all the characters looked like derivitive, Baxendale-like rip-offs, of no distinction---they were all slightly blurred out onscreen for some reason.

I was also in a well-stocked bookshop where I discovered stacks of previously-unseen Golden Years compilation annuals------the detail in these was incredible, and some of you guys [or at least your dream-like personas] were there also, bewildered and deeply impressed by this secret treasure-trove.....

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 31 Dec 2012, 11:47
by DavidKW
Had this weird dream last night that someone who I may have once known turned into a gaygoyle with a scaly spikey back. Knocked over things next to my bed as I tried to escape.

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 31 Dec 2012, 11:49
by DavidKW
And all this mention on Gerry Anderson remined me how I used to have nightmares over that tentacled monster in the Space:1999 episode "Dragon's Domain" & the mutilated body it spat out.

Countered it years later whne I discovered the first victim was played by Michael Sheard aka later on Mr Bronson in "Grange Hill" (you boy!). Inserted Zammo, Ant Jones & Danny Kendall cheering!

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 02 Jan 2013, 22:43
by felneymike
Hmm, on the morning of 9/11 (and I was waking up at about the time of the attack, only at British time, it still wanted 3-4 hours before it happened) I dreamed about a 90's Judge Dredd story where "the tallest building in Mega-City One" is hit by a flying fuel tanker. I was in the building and trapped by the fire, right up against a broken window and sitting on an office chair (the building in the strip was not an office). Make of that what you will.

I've also had a few dreams about finding unknown comic stashes. Back in the early days of my comic collecting I dreamed about finding a load of books containing bound Sexton Blake stories (I didn't actually own a single one at this point). They all had cream-coloured covers with a 'button' with the famous profile picture of him under them.

Later on, I dreamed about "raking around in the back" of the magazine rack in the village shop and finding some old issues of The Victor that had been "overlooked". They were from 1992, even though the interior of the shop has been almost entirely rebuilt since then. They had the 1960's cover design, though.

I also once dreamed about going onto a shop that was strangely laid out. The closest description I can give was that it was all white, like a pharmacy, but had 'baskets' in the middle aisles with all sorts of cheap junk in them, like Lidl's special offers. Anyway at the bottom of ones of these racks was a load of old bound volumes of various story papers from the 1900's. I was spending ages looking through them all, to decide which ones I wanted to buy.

Also on the "volumes of 1900's story papers" theme, I dreamed that I was in "Birmingham city centre" (it looked nothing like the real place, all narrow cobbled streets and red brick buildings) and found a shop lined with quaint old red books. They had heaps of 6-monthly volumes of The Boys' Friend for just £18 each! I was all set to bite their arms off when I woke up.

On the subject of controlling dreams, I once had a series of scary dreams where I was on a railway line, but my legs were too tired to move out of the way of a train. Then one day I decided to grab the sleepers and pull myself along. I found my legs were suddenly weightless, and I could pull myself along the line faster than the train! Don't know if that counts or not.
I also read that you can't actually read text in a dream, as reading is "artificial", your brain can only see shapes, not "definite" letters, so words may change in a dream. In the dream itself I was going up and down lots of stairs, and reading the signs on each floor. I "knew" it was a dream because the signs were never the same, couldn't take control of the dream though.
Interestingly, I learned to read Japanese characters far more recently, so I have to concentrate on them rather than just speeding over them because I know the meaning instinctively. They don't change!

Oh, when I was young I had a pretty vivid dream of a huge asteroid on a collision course with Earth, and the whole family going out in the back garden to have a look at it, on a very cold night. What with all the world ending stuff flying around in December, I couldn't help but wonder...

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 03 Jan 2013, 16:53
by alanultron5
Many years ago I once dreamed that all the Lamposts in our street came to life! Can't recall much more than that!

I do suffer from a recurring dream though! (true) happens about every two to three months. Not exactly the very same dream-but variations of it. I'm always walking in some kind of open countryside and though its daytime the skies are getting darker and darker. Next thing i'm seeing huge tornado bearing down on me! I always wake up before it hits.

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 03 Jan 2013, 18:10
I often dream I discover stacks of comics/annuals: and I'm always so disappointed it was all only a dream!

Felneymike: I once seen a chillingly prophetic JUDGE DREDD image which I think originated from an annual or special from the earlier Dredd era----this depicted a madman destroying the World Trade Centre.....I only ever saw a frame of this in a Dredd History book, perhaps it's never been reprinted for reasons of taste?

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 04 Jan 2013, 14:52
by felneymike
That Judge Dredd story was an early episode, a criminal steals a "distintegrator ray" and tests it on "that old World Trade Center over there". It was featured in the Dredd Files in the Megazine back in 2005 or so, they said it was essentially just a rewrite of the very first story.

I don't recall seeing it in Case Files books 1,2 or 4. I don't have number 3, so it may be in there

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 04 Jan 2013, 17:56
by philcom55
ISPYSHHHGUY wrote:I often dream I discover stacks of comics/annuals: and I'm always so disappointed it was all only a dream!
Me too. On the other hand it's more than made up for when the giant, man-eating cockroaches turn out to be just a dream as well! :roll:

- Phil R.

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 04 Jan 2013, 19:02
by starscape
I just read an X-Men story (by Brit-writer Chris Claremont to not go off-topic) in which Rachel Summers remembers her alternate future, with the Twin Towers being destroyed and thousands killed. Very strange sensation reading that.

Reminded me of listening to an old John Peel show where he talks about some reports of bad news in Lockerbie...

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 12 Oct 2013, 12:28
by DavidKW
Thought I'd revive this as I've been remembering a recurring dream for years:

It always involves a cottage of thatched roof and diamond leaded lites window:

In one dream its portrayed as a creepy cottage you've been told not to visit by your teacher; this cottage is located in the exact farmers' fields at the back of where my primary school is/was bnext to the school's back playing fields; me and other unknown pupils are daring each other to enter it.

On another its a haunted cottage where fruit comes from (a reference perhapsm to a brand of frozen fruit called Country Cottage (came across it as I once briefly worked for Bejam stores (later taken over by Iceland).

Finally, is one where sunshine comes out of and everyone is happy in it - and fittingly playing on the soundtrack is "Sunshine Cottage" by The Herd - a 1968 flop single & follow up to final hit "I Don't Want Our Loving To Die").
This one may have been stimulated by things I read about peoples memories of the Summerland resort in Isle OF Man on how everyone was always happy here until tragety struck - exactly 40 years ago).

Wonder when the cottage will strike again?

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 12 Oct 2013, 13:07
by Phoenix
You might like to read this guide, folks. It should put an end to much of your floundering around in search of meanings.

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 12 Oct 2013, 23:24
by Kid Robson
I used to have a little yellow ball, which I kept behind the watertank in the attic of my old house. When we moved in 1972, I was sure I'd retrieved it from it's accustomed place the night before we flitted, but couldn't find it in our new house. For 19 years, I'd occasionally have dreams that I was up in the attic of our former home, looking for my little yellow ball. Usually I found it. After 11 years in our new home, we moved to yet another (the dreams continued), but 4 years later, we moved back again. Another 4 years after that, I gained access to the house we had left in 1972 and ascended into the attic. There, behind the watertank, was the little yellow ball which I had inadvertently abandoned 19 years before. I reclaimed it, and took it back with me to the house that it should have accompanied me to in 1972 and to which we had only returned 4 years before. From the moment the ball was back in my possession, I never had the dream again.

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 13 Oct 2013, 03:12
by Bigwords
I don't hold on to dreams any more - probably because of a mix of sleeping problems (I am posting this at 3am) - but I remember when I was a kid having vivid and realistic nightmares of people all dropping dead around me. There was also a dream where the ground was shaking violently, and cracks appeared in the roads and on walls, as if a massive earthquake was tearing everything apart. Really don't mind not being able to remember my dreams in light of those...

Re: Dreams and Nightmares.

Posted: 13 Oct 2013, 10:21
As a kid, I used to get a really bad reccurring dream, in which I watched our 1960s black and white TV, and the presenters heads used to fall off live on the box---it was even more disturbing as the rest of the family who were also watching this, were unaffected by this disturbing event...

Another very odd dream I had in childhood was me being stuck in a cartoon world, with Wima Flintstone at the wheel of a modern motor on a cartoon motorway, driving along an endless cartoon road! Unforgettable, that one......