Guardian to fold?

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Guardian to fold?

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The Guardian's editor has tweeted to deny a report in the Telegraph that the Guardian was about to close it's print edition and go digital. Sound familiar? I seem to recall that DC Thomson denied any plans to end the print edition of the Dandy (said it was only under review) - a couple of days later the truth came out. Give it a week and I bet they'll confirm that the Guardian is history.

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Re: Guardian to fold?

Post by felneymike »

Yeah well, a paper like the Telegraph would say that!

That said, even in a "leftie" place like Cambridge I don't see people with it very often. But then again every day seems to contain a million full-colour supplements, perhaps if they left some of those out it'd be more affordable!

Then again, I suppose the sort of people who get it are also the sort of people who have ipads and love ebooks...

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Re: Guardian to fold?

Post by stevezodiac »

I've been reading reports for a few weeks now of the Guardian losing millions and having to reduce the page count and lose sections.

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Re: Guardian to fold?

Post by Marionette »

I think it's the colour supplements that keep the price down, actually. They are basically advertising brochures held together with lifestyle articles.
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