First Contact My Full CGI Movie

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First Contact My Full CGI Movie

Post by Archamedes »

First Contact, after working on this project every day for a full year, I have finally completed it. There's been a lot of blood, sweat, tears and a wife who hasn't had much attention for a while.
Anyhow here is my 2012-2013 Project that has a full cast of Voice actors & 58 minutes long so grab a coffee & enjoy. It has its flaws, but I am a one man animator and this did take a year to make single handed.

Anyhow, Behold "First Contact The Movie."

And Here is the release trailer ... nQ&index=2

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Re: First Contact My Full CGI Movie

Post by Marionette »

The movie link is broken and gives a 'This does not exist' message.

The trailer is fantastic though. All the spaceships and stuff look as good as any movie to my eye. The character animation isn't quite up to the same level (from the limited amount I've seen here). Possibly because there is so much movement in the outer space sequences while the characters are so completely static.

I would like to see more of it, though, so please fix the link. ;)
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Re: First Contact My Full CGI Movie


Cool-ly impressive, Archimedes--we look forwards to seeing you scoop the SPFX awards at the Oscars within a few short years.

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