The UNIT Fannual - an update

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The UNIT Fannual - an update

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Owing the massive response of pitch ideas, we are now asking for full story outlines so we know exactly what we can expect. Those who have submitted full story outlines were among the first to be approved. Shorter, less well developed, pitches - I am slowly going through these (my apologies, I have had a bad cold this week and am a bit behind) and asking for more details or, sadly, rejecting as too similar to TV episodes/other stories.

We have also had to put a deadline on pitches. Whereas with revised dates, we held the Cushing Fannual open for about a year, this time we are now giving a deadline for pitch story outlines as April 30 2014, so you still have a month to get it to us. If your story outline is approved, you will have two further months to submit the actual story. Word count is up to 4,000 words, with a degree of flexibility (providing you don't go insane!) depending on how good the actual story is. :wink:

But, we have added two more slots for text stories (from 13 to 15), with 3 more for strips. These, depending on what we ultimately receive, are also subject to revision.

Thank you all those who have pitched story ideas so far. Some really exciting stuff in there. :D

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