Francis Matthews RIP

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Francis Matthews RIP

Post by philcom55 »

It's turning out to be a bad week for TV heroes. Along with Rik Mayall and Scooby Doo's Casey Kasem I've just heard that Francis Matthews (who played Paul Temple as well as providing the voice for Captain Scarlet) has passed away. :(

- Phil R.

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Re: Francis Matthews RIP

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Re: Francis Matthews RIP

Post by alanultron5 »

I recall him in the `Paul Temple` series- the opening titles were strange- sort of the "Running Man" in an endless coridoor. I think he was married to the actress Angela Brown.
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Re: Francis Matthews RIP

Post by DavidKW »

Another sad loss.

Is a bit of a shame so much on the tributes has been given over to Captain Scarlet and less on what a great actor he was, as Paul Temple showed very well along with many guest roles in TV & films.

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