Mary Cadogan (1928-2014)

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Mary Cadogan (1928-2014)

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I am very sad to have to report the passing of Mary Cadogan. As many members will know, she was a literary historian with an abiding interest in children's fiction in general and fiction for girls and women in particular. Her main published works are You're A Brick, Angela! (1976), Women And Children First - The Fiction Of Two World Wars (1978), The Lady Investigates - Women Detectives And Spies In Fiction (1986), all three in collaboration with Patricia Craig, Richmal Crompton - The Woman Behind William (1986), Frank Richards - The Chap Behind The Chums (1988), Chin Up, Chest Out, Jemima! - A Celebration Of The Schoolgirls' Story (1989), Women With Wings - Female Flyers In Fact And Fiction (1992) and And Then Their Hearts Stood Still - An Exuberant Look At Romantic Fiction Past And Present (1994). Furthermore, Mary was also the third and final editor of Story Paper Collectors' Digest, taking over the role from Eric Fayne in 1987 and staying in situ until its demise in 2008.

I knew her fairly well through meeting her at lectures, and over the years I had a number of telephone conversations with her, mainly relating to articles and letters in the Digest, but she was quite happy chatting about The Magnet, The Gem and Rupert Bear. She was an inspiring speaker, and on one occasion I was fortunate enough to be invited to give a talk to the Old Boys' Book Club (Northern Section) in Leeds on the same evening as Mary delivered one of hers. She will certainly be missed by many, many people who have been influenced by her over the years.
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Re: Mary Cadogan (1928-2014)

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I've only recently discovered the fascinating world of story papers and school stories, but Mary Cadogan's was a name that I stumbled across frequently. I've yet to read any of her books - thanks for listing them, Phoenix - but it sad to hear of her passing. Thanks also for sharing your memory of the lady, Phoenix.

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Re: Mary Cadogan (1928-2014)

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I enjoyed her book on Frank Richards and his stories.

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