Exciting new action series

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Exciting new action series

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Just wanted to let you all know about a great new action-comedy series called Paco Pedro. It's hilarious and has a comic book format... and it's available on youtube!!!! :D

The character, from Spain, is regarded as the world's greatest bullfighter, but he has also worked as a gigolo. Paco Pedro's two greatest loves are bullfighting and exotic women, which often leads to him being involved in dangerous situations- caused more by the latter than the former! His stories often parody well know films such as Rocky, Scooby-Doo, Titanic, and werewolf movies. :lol:

CHARACTERISTICS & SKILLS: Paco is definitely a lovable rogue- he always ends up in trouble, but it's usually through no fault of his own. His humorous misadventures lead him into trouble with the bullfighting commissioner, the Mexican mafia, and even a werewolf- Action, adventure, and comedy are never far away! :wink:


Matador - Boxer - Marksman - Swordsman - Seducer - Lover

CHARACTER'S MOTIF: The character's visual motif is typically a black costume with hat, orange and red waitcoat, and dark purple waitsash. He has used a pistol, rifle, sword, wooden spoon, and even his hat as a weapon in the stories.

Paco Pedro: The Vikings' Curse (the best overall episode)

Paco Pedro: Mexican Mafia Mayhem (perhaps the best story)

Paco Pedro: Bullfighter & Gigolo (The origins of the character)

Hopefully you will love this series just as much as I do and follow Paco Pedro on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy!!! :cheers:
Paco Pedro!!!
Paco Pedro!!!

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