Cilla Black has died

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Cilla Black has died

Post by Digifiend »

Singer and TV presenter Cilla Black has died aged 72. :( ... of-72.html

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Re: Cilla Black has died

Post by stevezodiac »

I got a text message at the comic mart telling me this. I have always liked Cilla. She had a great tv show in the late 60s early 70s where she would meet people in the street among all the songs and sketches, always very natural and friendly.

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Re: Cilla Black has died

Post by Shaqui »

Yes, very sad. :cry:

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Re: Cilla Black has died

Post by alanultron5 »

My two favourite singles of hers were "What Good Am I?" (1967) and "Where is Tomorrow?" (1968) the latter from a film she made called "Work is a Four Letter Word" which- I think also starred David Warner. Afraid it was not too good at all- but the song was worth it!
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Re: Cilla Black has died


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Re: Cilla Black has died

Post by DavidKW »

My fave Cilla tracks:

Big hits: "Surriund Yourself With Sorrow", "Conversations" and "Somthing Tells Me..." (which had the ace "La La La Lu" on the b-side, as featured in the film version of "Please Sir!").

Smaller hits that should've been bigger: "I Only Live To Love You", "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" and "Baby We Can't Go Wrong" (her final UK top 40 hit; making good use of her quieter voice).

Two that weren't hits but should've been: "Child Of Mine" (1970) and "You You Ypu" (1972) - both were performed as new releases on wiped editions of TOTP - thoguht the latter track was performed on "Christmas Night With The Stars" and xan be viewed on YouTube.

I didn't like some her bigger hits - notable "Antone Who Had A Heart" which Cilla's nasal singing strangled it (I thoguht she sang "poo" rather than "you"), which Dionne Warwick's version was better, but the best one was on Fontana by a girl called Mary May, which scraped in to the top 50 (track had wicked growling guitar on it).

Also did a poor versio of "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" whci was being played on BBC's stuffy light program, but the pirates showed their power by backed Righteous Brothers original, helped tham to a numer 1, ahead of Cilla's peaking at 2.

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Re: Cilla Black has died

Post by colcool007 »

Shaqui wrote:Yes, very sad. :cry:
Just picked up that annual last Sunday.
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