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Re: Windows 10

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philcom55 wrote:I had a Mac for years and agree that they are excellent - the trouble is that they are also comparatively expensive, which is why I'm now using a PC.
Brand new ones, yes, but you can get some great bargains with refurbished iMacs.
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Re: Windows 10

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Lew Stringer wrote:Does no one else here use the Mac OS?

I've been using Apple Macs since 1999 and they seem far less trouble than Windows.
I use MacOS at home Lew, though not at work. MIne has lasted me very well, can't remember exactly when I got it but it wasn't much less than a decade ago I don't think! Excellent and weird stories from the past - with amazing art to boot.

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Re: Windows 10

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My brother is a Mac fan but I always preferred PCs despite their OS slowing down after a few service packs.

TBH, I like Apple but won't justify the price between similar specified systems.
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Re: Windows 10

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Lew Stringer wrote:Does no one else here use the Mac OS?
Linux for me. #KTF
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