Not just any old Amazon delivery rep.

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Re: Not just any old Amazon delivery rep.

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Phoenix wrote:
comixminx wrote:Well I can certainly apologise for posting in a hurry and putting in insufficient words to make myself clear - and then not looking back for a while, which obviously made things worse!
Apology accepted with good grace.
comixminx wrote:I would also hope that you would take our previous positive interactions into account and assume I would be unlikely to be giving a wide-spread verbal trashing - giving me the benefit of the doubt.
That's fine with me. I never wanted to fall out with you in the first place.
All's well then. Excellent and weird stories from the past - with amazing art to boot.

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Re: Not just any old Amazon delivery rep.

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comixminx wrote:All's well then.
It certainly is.

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Re: Not just any old Amazon delivery rep.

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Headline on sky news website:

Christmas delivery chaos sees parcels delayed, damaged and left in bins

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Re: Not just any old Amazon delivery rep.

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Such a situation :?
Something like this has happened to me too but with Fedex guy, he called me to say that he was in my area but didn't want to drive to my place, because he didn't know the way :shock: . He asked me to pick it up at a Sturbucks (!), I lived in London that time. My brother lives in Greece and you might never get your parcel there :D , they just don't deliver it, if they deliver it once and you are not at home, they will tell you nothing, not even a note saying to pick it up at their office :? Nevertheless Greece is an amazing place, my brother bought property in Athens and rents it on air bnb, quite a good business actually.

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Re: Not just any old Amazon delivery rep.

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I didn't want to start a new topic so this seemed as good a place as any other. For those of you that use Amazon a lot, there's an offer for today only (25th Jan 2018) of £10 off a £50 spend using the code BIGTHANKS

Worth it if you had things you wanted to buy anyway!

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