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19) Christmas Teasers (28/12/68)
A one-off seasonal puzzle page.

Art - Alf Saporito

20) Star Team (22/2/69) - (29/3/69)
A new title for the 'Great Teams' photo feature.

21) Star Portrait (22/2/69) - (29/3/69)
Photos of famous footballers from David Sadler (Man Utd) to Brian Labone (Everton).

22) Story of a Star (22/2/69) - (29/3/69)
A strip featuring the life story of a different soccer star every week.

Art - Paul Trevillion

The 'Story of a Star' feature continued to appear in the combened Tiger & Jag.

23) Star Action (22/2/69) - (29/3/69)
A series of football action photos.

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Kashgar wrote:
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Black Patch the Wonder Horse (22/2/69) - (29/3/69)
A girl's paper plot given a spin so that it would be palatable for boys.
Hi Kashgar - As you know, I approve wholeheartedly of indexes and consequently I've been following your entries for the JAG index with some interest. I do feel, though, that your initial comment about the plot of Black Patch needs some clarification. Are you able to let us know which girls' paper you are referring to and, if so, which specific story title or plot was made palatable for boys? I'm enquiring for two reasons. Firstly, at least where D. C. Thomsons were concerned (my area of expertise), it was normal for boys' stories to be modified for use in their girls' papers and I am not aware of any girls' serials that went in the other direction. Is Black Patch unique therefore in I. P. C. world, or simply unusual? Secondly, the essence of the plot of Black Patch, although not the story per se, reminds me very much of Cairngorm (The Wizard 1950), with its racing stables in desperate need of funding and the discovery of a horse they own that is capable of becoming a champion and therefore ultimately able to restore the stable's fortunes. This is clearly a boys' story and I cannot imagine what modifications I could make to it to make it palatable for girls.

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