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When Buster Meet Jet

Posted: 27 Sep 2009, 12:28
by steelclaw
The last 'Jet' and Last 'Buster' before 'Buster & Jet'


Jet strips
Von Hoffman's Invasion
The Sludgemouth Sloggers
The Dwarf
Bala The Briton
Sergeants Four
Paddy Mcginty's Goat
The Kids of Stalag 41
Adare's Anglians
Crazy Car Capers
Kester Kid
Bertie Bumpkin
Partridge's Patch
Carno's Cadets

Buster's Dream World
Fishboy Denizen Of The Deep
Rent-A-Ghost Ltd
George and the Dragon
The Happy Family
Clever Dick
Galaxus The Thing From Outer Space
Smiler and Dimps
The Wizard Of Football
The Misers
Mutt 'n' Chops
The Skid Kids
Freddie Parrot Face Davies
Sherlock Jnr.The Clued Up Kid
Eager Beavers
Pest Of The West
The Astounding Adventures Of Charlie Peace
Convict 4321 Outt