Action - 35 years old today

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Re: Action - 35 years old today

Post by Digifiend »

Harikari? Isn't that suicide?

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Re: Action - 35 years old today


I'm afraid so, Digi: note my use of inverted commas to signpost the use of 'irony'.

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Re: Action - 35 years old today

Post by presterjohn »

I was around 11 when Action and later Bullet came out. All the hoo har passed me by entirely. I thought the stories were pretty good in both but was not mad about the art. Bullet shot themselves in the foot with me when they failed to send me all my Bullet agent kit after I sent off for it (a letter asking about it also failed to achieve even a response).That really sours an 11 year old opinion of a comic. I still have a couple of Action annuals some where.

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