The New Eagle Dan Dare.

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The New Eagle Dan Dare.

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Afternoon All

Last night I was doing a stock take for my web store and was looking at some copies of the New Eagle from 1982/83. As I do was having a little read along the way. I was hooked for a couple of hours.

I forgot how much I like the Dan Dare strip that appeared in the early issues. The artwork was awesome and the script was good too (if not a bit dated.) I think It was the paper it was printed on at the time better quality then the newspaper paper it was printed on from mid 1983.

I noticed that the artist was Ian Kennedy and the script was by Pat Mills. I think Ian captured the look of the 50/60's Dan Dare with a modern hint (well modern for the 80's) quite well the artwork also had a Gerry Anderson feel to it as well and am sure that some of the panels were photos of model spacecraft and vehicles much like you would see in a Gerry Anderson TV series which I thought was a good idea.

Sadly to me the artwork did not look the same in the format change of 1983 to the cheaper quality paper and then when the artist change later I lost interest altogether until late 1989/90 when David Pugh took over and re-vamped Dare back more towards the 1950/60's style.

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