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Re: it's a World, World, World, World MAD

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felneymike, you probably should have bought some, as long as they were cheap. There is also a hidden message in every? issue and there were a couple of punters who frequented our shop at the time, who drove us daft talking about how they found, or didn't find, those messages. I think it became a bit of a cult with some readers for a while. And the comics are funny.

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Re: it's a World, World, World, World MAD


Another of MAD'S many trademarks is the long-running series of 'Mad fold-ins', which appeared on the back page.

Designed and executed by the splendidly-named AL JAFEE, this series represented yet another imaginitive facet of MADS' iconography, even if some fans doubtless ruined their paper copies after 'screwing up' the page to access the optical illusion:


For the true Jafee/fold-in enthusee, there's a dedicated volume set containing all the fold-ins within the series, augmented by a CGI representation of the finished optical.

I did fear that the c-d rom of MAD I use to access their files would have robbed me of seeing the result of the foldees, but thoughtfully the c-d contains seperate supplements of the finished items.

I've only seen a fraction of these thus far, however I look forwards to unearthing further gems within this delightful series:


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