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Alex Toth

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I posted this under Lew's Blog heading as Toth was mentioned there:-
Re. Alex Toth, and I realise this is off-topic and I'll post this on World comics also, those who might have only seen the master's work on Zorro, or haven't seen it period might want a look at this, Bravo for Adventure, which is about as good as it gets in comics, imo. Quite, quite wonderful:- ... xnzet&c=10

Mind you, as I think of this, there are a number of comics illustrators/creators/ storytellers who reach these levels and my list would include Hugo Pratt, Joe Kubert, Sydney Jordan, Kinstler, Alex Raymond, among others. But Toth's work can be sublime. Curious to read other suggestions and thoughts.

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Re: Alex Toth

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It's a tragedy that such a singular genius should be so self destructive at the same time - though maybe it was an essential factor in his talent (as was the case with Wally Wood). I think my own all-time favourite Toth strips were the short stories he produced for Warren and DC (often with Archie Goodwin) - particularly round about the early 1970s. The fact that he regularly dropped any promising assignment after only one or two outstanding issues (Rip Hunter, X-Men, Torpedo, his British Fleetway work, etc.) means that he left us with a heartbreaking litany of might-have-beens; and in my opinion his lost Enemy Ace story is right up there with Shakespeare's Cardenio and the contents of the Library of Alexandria!

- Phil Rushton

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