Happy Christmas from the Capps.

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Happy Christmas from the Capps.

Post by stevezodiac »

Here's a nice (unseasonal) Andy Capp cartoon. From a book about the Daily Mirror published in 1981. (and soon to go on ebay) I thought it was the back cover but i'm beginning to think it's the front cover which is very unusual.


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Re: Happy Christmas from the Capps.

Post by Digifiend »

That is strange. Even on Christmas Eve they'd usually have news on the front cover, not a cartoon. It is definitely the front cover. No reason for the price to be on the back.

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Re: Happy Christmas from the Capps.

Post by jakob1978 »

you can check covers (if you register) on this site (in fact you can read whole newspapers...a while back i had access for a month for some work, and read a lot of early perishers :D) - http://www.ukpressonline.co.uk/

just had a look and that was indeed the the front cover of the Daily Mirror on Xmas eve 1958

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Re: Happy Christmas from the Capps.

Post by philcom55 »

It's a typical Christmas Eve ploy where the cover is prepared days in advance so the staff can all go home early. I guess that's why TV companies record their Christmas specials in July! :)

- Phil Rushton

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