The Unknown Alex Mastereley

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Paul Slade
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The Unknown Alex Mastereley

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Russell Taylor and Charles Peattie’s daily cartoon strip Alex has been a constant presence in Britain’s national press for over 25 years, producing stage and radio versions of the character’s exploits and winning his creators a couple of MBEs along the way. Of all the British newspaper strips still being produced by their original creators, only Steve Bell’s If… can boast a longer run.

Few people realise, however, that Russell and Charles also produced a series of 80 spin-off Alex strips, running from 1989 to 1992 in a weekly trade paper called Money Marketing. I know this because I was working for MM at the time and managed to worm my way into a small part of the spin-off strip’s production process. This is its story:

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Re: The Unknown Alex Mastereley

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Thank you for the link, Paul. I thoroughly enjoyed the background and, as an Alex fan, I trust you wont mind my trying to spread the word by posting your link on comicbookplus. Don't know if it will arouse much interest but I had to try.

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