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tony ingram
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Re: Peanuts

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I always preferred The Perishers myself.

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Re: Peanuts

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Ginger wrote: Nope, it was never called Little Folks or anything other than Peanuts (unless you count the way Schulz always subtitled the Sunday comics 'featuring Good Ol' Charlie Brown') That's because he never liked the title Peanuts, of course, and wanted to call it Li'l Folk, but the syndicate insisted on Peanuts from the very beginning.
L'il Folks was the weekly single panel cartoon Schulz did for his hometown paper. It's obviously a precursor to Peanuts. A few of the characters seem to be the same, or very similar, to the Peanuts characters. ... 27_2_l.jpg

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Re: Peanuts

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That's very true, even Charlie Brown's name is mentioned in one. Precursor is absolutely correct.

But it's not the strip.

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