Current Newspaper Strips

Discuss any comic strip that has appeared in a newspaper over the years. Andy Capp, Rupert, Hagar, Fudge etc

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Current Newspaper Strips

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I'm interested to hear what people think of the current strips in UK newspapers. Which ones do you enjoy? Which ones do you find dull? Which ones should be axed? Or is there a strip which you think a UK newspaper should run?

In alphabetical order, the current strips in the national daily newspapers are:

Alex (Daily Telegraph)
Andy Capp (Daily Mirror)
Buck Ryan (Daily Mirror)
Calvin & Hobbes (Daily Express)
Chloe & Co (Daily Mail)
Dilbert (Daily Express)
Faith, Hope & Sue (Daily Express)
Fred Basset (Daily Mail)
Gag Vault (Daily Mirror)
Garfield (Daily Mail)
Garth (Daily Mirror)
Mandy (Daily Mirror)
Odd Streak (Daily Mail)
Perishers (Daily Mirror)
Striker (The Sun)

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