STARSCAPE! Archie v Spider; Thor v Black Adam, Sapphire &

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STARSCAPE! Archie v Spider; Thor v Black Adam, Sapphire &

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Hey Starkids

What's new in the latest update at you ask? No? Oh well, I'll tell you anyway. There's a lot of classic comics around in this one with The Spider taking on Robot Archie in the Sanctuary. There's the DC FF taking on the JLA in DC Classics, whilst Hook Jaw continues, well, eating! In 20th Century TV we represent a classic tale of Sapphire & Steel, originally from Look-In.

Wargods of Atlantis begins with the prequel Legends. Thor travels to Earth-S to take on Black, sorry, Mighty Adam, whilst our Golden Age tale sees the all-action hero, the Purple Hood, take on Doctor Darkness. And don't forget the hilarious Bogie Man but.

In movies we have the Last Man on Earth (later made into the Omega Man), Might Mouse, more Rocket Man in Radar Men and a fanfilm where the Punisher only takes on Wolverine!!!!!

I'm also very excited by our new Starbox. We're calling out to all Starkids under 16 year olds for our new Kidscape comics. Your comics will be uploaded to our servers so the whole world can see your drawings. They can be funny, superheroes, horror or just about anything! Email me and I'll tell you where to send your CD or drawings or where you can upload them.


Creators always welcome.

Chris Smillie
Classic British reprints and all-new comics

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