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Re: Who was Melody Lee?

Posted: 14 Aug 2014, 00:19
by Phoenix
Marionette wrote:It's entirely possible he took some lyrics from the comic and filled in the rest to suit.
Phoenix wrote:At no point in the serial do any of the lyrics appear in that form.
The only instalment I wasn't able to consult was the one in issue 1057. I didn't have it in 2008, and I still don't. If any member has that issue could they please compare everything in the speech bubbles with the lyrics posted above by japandroid because that is their only possible source as far as the entire serial is concerned. We mustn't be swayed by the Captain's comment I'm surprised I got away with that one. I took the lyrics straight from Bunty comic, because there was nothing in the lyrics for Thomsons to object to, and as for taking the lyrics straight from Bunty, well I'm sorry but he was fantasizing.