Valiant for the 21st Century!

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Valiant for the 21st Century!

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Starscape is influenced by the likes of Valiant, Hotspur, Mighty World of Mavel, 2000AD and many other adventure comics. Neither a homage or parody, Starscape is an attempt to fill the gap vacated by the comics of Fleetway and DC Thomson.

After starting life as a paper comic, Starscape is now FREE at - available to view with the small Comic Book Reader software or to print out and keep.

Amongst the stories we have are:
- Leopard from Lime Street - from Fleetway's Buster comic
- Golden age British comics, including Bob Monkhouse's Tornado and Dennis Gifford's Streamline
- Guard Dogs by Commando/Spider-Man writer Jason Quinn, soon to be joined by TV21/Action artist, John Britton
- Stories by the new Grant Morrison, Grant Springford
- Tales from the man once compared to Alan Moore, Chris Smillie
- Comics by the cream of British talent, such as Gary Simpson (2000AD), Paul Scott (Solar Wind), Gary Wilkinson (2000AD) and Dek 'Jack Kirby' Baker

Additionally, there are links to download classic books (HG Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs), cartoons (Superman, Popeye), Films (Night of the Living Dead, The Shadow) and serials (Flash Gordon, Undersea Kingdom), plus features on comics (Tales That Astonished, History of British Comics).

And that's all FREE!!!
Classic British reprints and all-new comics

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