Comics Jam: Preserving British Comics History

If you know of an upcoming event or you would like to discuss a recent one post here.

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Comics Jam: Preserving British Comics History

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Hi all, apologies as I know I have been absent / silent on this forum for a long time. I have had a full-on summer and then segued into a busy time at work (including lots of changes, not all of which feel very comfortable on the receiving end of things). I am surfacing a bit now but am still only dipping my toe back into the waters of comics...

However I did go to a great event at the weekend which I wrote about on the Jinty blog (apologies Briony for breaking into your run of posts there about older titles). ... sh-comics/ Excellent and weird stories from the past - with amazing art to boot.

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Re: Comics Jam: Preserving British Comics History

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Not jealous much! Glad you all seemed to enjoy it.
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