Beano given away free on Scotrail

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Beano given away free on Scotrail

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Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I didn't see it anywhere. Today I met the family off the train and they were all carrying Beanos. I told them how impressed I was that they had chosen one of the great British icons, and they said no, the train guy was giving them away. Closer inspection shows that the covers have no dates or prices, but are printed with "FREE PROMO COPY" and the SCOTRAIL logo.

What a great idea! Is this a new thing?

I don't know which issue this is, but there's an ad for comics on sale June 28th to 4th July, so I guess it's late June. And the Minnie story is about Harry Potter (or in this case Larry Punter) so it's probably this year. They're obviously printed specially (or at least the covers are) so I'm guessing the same issue is used all summer? Or is there a new one each month?

Full marks to D C Thompson for initiative!

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