The Beano Diaries by Ray Moore

Discuss or comment on anything relating to D.C.Thomson's second longest running comic. The home of Dennis the Menace. Has been running since 1938.

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Re: The Beano Diaries by Ray Moore

Post by Kashgar »

Like all things that are ongoing anything published about them has a degree of built-in obsolescence. The 80 year tag for Wullie and the Broons would just be a convenient stepping off point. The Watkins anniversary certainly merits some sort of celebration, Phil, whatever that may be.

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Re: The Beano Diaries by Ray Moore

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Personally I'm finding it hard to believe that nearly 50 years could have passed so swiftly. It only seems like yesterday that Dudley's work was appearing every week in Dandy, Beano, Beezer and Topper! (quite apart from the various goings-on in Glebe Street!) :(

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