Michael Portillo meets The Beano

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Michael Portillo meets The Beano

Post by davidandrewsimpson »

In the 8th January 2020 episode (Season 11, Episode 3) of Great British Railway Journeys, Michael Portillo visited Beano Studios in Dundee. About five minutes worth right at the end of the episode.
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Re: Michael Portillo meets The Beano

Post by stevezodiac »

I saw him on the jubilee line in London many years ago. He had a carrier bag from a fancy dress company.

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Re: Michael Portillo meets The Beano

Post by colcool007 »

Thanks for the heads up David. I have just watched it and laughed out loud when I saw that there was a tactical deployment of a bookmark to cover up a certain character on the Beano masthead.
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