R.I.P The Dandy Masterhead....

Discuss or comment on anything relating to Britain's longest running comic. The home of Korky the Cat and Desperate Dan. Has been running since 1937.

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Re: R.I.P The Dandy Masterhead....

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philcom55 wrote:On the other hand, if DC Thomson now go public about their intention to 'kill off' the name because 'it's just not popular anymore' it could turn out to be a brilliant marketing strategy leading to the triumphant 'return' of The Dandy in all its glory!

- Phil Rushton
Phil you guessed it right over a year ago about the dandy so can you put next years lottery numbers on here :lol:

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Re: R.I.P The Dandy Masterhead....

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kevf wrote:Not wanting to be picky, but isn't it Masthead?
True! But that is the name of this thread. :)
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