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Re: Bas***ds

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If you started a return request through eBay (which you still can as you received the empty envelope - so the reason for the return would have been items missing) the seller would have been duty bound to accept the return AND provide a prepaid return address slip, which if you then get scanned at the PO would have cost you nothing and would have been accepted by eBay that you had returned the item.

If the seller had refused either the return or the prepaid return slip then you can escalate the return request and eBay would find in your favour and give you the full amount back.

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Re: Bas***ds

Post by Hawkeye »

We've sorted it out between us, both sides are happy now, well with each other anyway. The seller is taking it up with Royal Mail, and getting his MP involved. He thinks a postman has been pinching the cards.

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Re: Bas***ds

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Hawkeye wrote:
SID wrote:Depending on how the cards were posted (e.g. seller got a receipt), you may be able to get some money back from Royal Mail.
Seller didn't get a posting receipt, so all I got was a few stamps to cover postage.
i always get a postage receipt of anything i post on ebay even returns to eaglemoss hachete etc

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