Daleks collection

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Re: Daleks collection

Post by SID »

Captain underpants wrote:
25 Dec 2020, 09:55
SID wrote:
24 Dec 2020, 20:37
Captain underpants wrote:
19 Dec 2020, 21:05
Then to rub salt in the wound my daughter tells me that the Trigan empire vol 2 she ordered for me for Christmas will be late :censored:
Plus now in tier 4 even living at the coast away from the city’s and big towns don’t save you from the effects of the COVID lergie we needed Dan Dare to save the day
Did you get your Trigan Empire volume 2 today, CU?
My copy from Amazon came through this morning. :cheers:

Regarding The Dalek Collection, I saw a few copies at last in my local WHSmith.

PS A big THANK YOU to my local WHSmith for having my copy of The Dandy Annual this Christmas Eve when all the other shops had sold out. :up:
The Trigan Empire turned up late last night so will get later today From my daughter as I’m her support bubble
That's absolutely brilliant, CU. :up: I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas. 🎅
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