Apologies for Forum absence.

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Apologies for Forum absence.

Post by Al »

I attempted to upgrade the forum a couple of weeks ago, and it didn't go to plan. So I reinstalled the previous version.

I logged on as my tester self, made a post, replied to it and it all seemed hunky dorey, and I was off, in the knowledge that the Forum was working, albeit the previous version.

It wasn't until I picked up an email from 'Steve Zodiac' yesterday, stating that there was a problem with the forum, that I investigated. Lo and behold, there was indeed a problem.

So many, many apologies to the Members and visitors that frequent the forums. Hopefully it's back to normal now, and I'll try that update some time in the future.

Thanks Steve, much appreciated, and if anyone comes across anymore problems with the forums, please let me know.

Yours embarassingly :oops:


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Tin Can Tommy
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Re: Apologies for Forum absence.

Post by Tin Can Tommy »

Glad to see the forum back up :)

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Into The Abyss
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Re: Apologies for Forum absence.

Post by Into The Abyss »

Don't fret Al. I used to have my own Sci-fi/collectables forum a few years ago and I know how much a pain it trying to tinker around the edges. I second Tin Can Tommy. Glad you got it back online. :)
Well, hello there! :wave:

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Re: Apologies for Forum absence.

Post by jim244 »

I was concerned about this then delighted to see it back then my computer broke !!!!
Back now and just wanted to say,great forum Al,thanks for all of your hard work.

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