The Best Menace

Discuss or comment on anything relating to D.C.Thomson's second longest running comic. The home of Dennis the Menace. Has been running since 1938.

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The Best Menace

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Apart from his latest incarnation the visual appearance of Dennis the Menace has undergone many changes. This applies even to the period when he was being drawn by David Law, who experimented with a variety of styles over the years. Bearing in mind that opinions frequently differ on which image was the best (often depending on the period in which people first encountered the strip, no doubt) I thought it would be interesting to see which version is most popular amongst Comics UK posters.

To start the ball rolling here is my own favourite look, from the year 1961 when David Law was drawing with a lovely wire-thin line and producing layouts which frequently used surprisingly sophisticated perspectival effects:

ImageImage fact it may well have been a bit too sophisticated for the editor's taste as it wasn't long before the style changed again, ready for Dennis's promotion to the back page.

- Phil Rushton

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