Conduct Of Members

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Captain Storm
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Conduct Of Members

Post by Captain Storm »

I have to admit that I agree 100% with Lew's views on certain members conduct on this forum. Not wishing to single anybody out but some new members of late have been let's say a tad pedantic and arrogant for newbies. Absolutely no respect has been shown to members who have been here for years and then some and who collectively have contributed greatly to the knowledge pot. I can remember in the old days when all we had here were a few scans of covers and a fairly small disparate group of comic fans swapping information etc. Like many I also remember when Al revamped the site and the forum which grew exponentially. I remember many brilliant threads which enhanced no end my own expertise. I also remember many " duels " between myself and Lew. We didn't always agree but I believe we respected each other as fans. I also know that when things got a little heated the threads would generally take on a more benign air and posters would apologise and life would move on. We're fans after all. We can get fanatic from time to time. But a few posts of late have caught my eye. And I was not impressed by the tone to be honest. I'm not suggesting for a minute that anybody should be censored or banned but a code of rules concerning behaviour needs to be endorsed and accepted by all. If you act the mick , then it's the Sin Bin for a while ; blatant flaming and a ban should be enforced ( I must admit I was shocked to read Lew had received hate mail from members ). I think the Mods perhaps should step in more than they have been doing when posts get hot. What do others think?


The Cap.

p.s. I'm no angel but I think all members will agree that we need to adopt a better code of conduct. We can't afford to lose any more members because of it.

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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by chrissmillie »

I'd also highlight the Foes option in the User Control Panel. It's been such a relief to not have read the posts of the more, um, 'precise' members in the last two years. Makes it so very much more comfortable a read. I know I'm not the only one, so why not give it a go if someone's annoying. You wouldn't give them the time of day in the street, so why do it online?
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Peter Gray
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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by Peter Gray »

so thats why Lew left...
how horrible..I'm really sorry Lew had that kind of trouble.they should be banned..or six Month ban
new people on here should respect people more..

I hope something will be done soon so Lew will feel comfortable to come back..

also more posts need to be shut down more quickly if it is going in a bad another way..

maybe some warnings sent to them or a six month ban...

Lew Stringer
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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by Lew Stringer »

I think I should say that I don't consider the messages I received to be hate mail. Strong opinion perhaps, and ridiculously over-reactionary but not hate mail. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and I don't expect everyone to like me. No one should be banned on my account.

I''m not leaving because I'm offended, but because I'm tired of seeing such tantrums increasingly flaring up over nothing. Also, as I mentioned the other day, I'm bored by the repetition of certain opinions which continually ignore the often-explained realities of modern publishing. I appreciate there are also pleasant, hassle-free topics discussed here and long may they continue but I'm moving on.
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Re: Conduct Of Members


There are new members who are very polite and friendly, but one or two are a bit abrasive and confrontational.

I've had a few almost-falling outs with some members on here, but it's not everlasting bitterness on either's just part of the passion involved in this subject.

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Jonny Whizz
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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by Jonny Whizz »

The conduct has probably slipped a little of late. I was annoyed when a thread I started in the Beano section which was intended to be a nostalgic discussion was taken over by unsubstantiated claims, which have been discussed previously and didn't relate to the period anyway.

I've certainly never had any problems with Lew or the vast majority of other members, and it's been honour to be on these boards with Lew and other comics artists whose work I've admired.
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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by Al »

I have just returned from a weeks holiday and will be in discussion with the other administrators and moderators about recent Forum activity.


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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by presterjohn »

It is an unfortunate fact of life when it comes to collectors and hobbyists in general that a significant minority of them lack basic social skills. It is easy to become obssesive and pedantic over a subject if it has too large a part to play in a persons life. Some times it is useful to take a step back and take stock of how we interact with the rest of the world. Hobbies should be fun.

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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by RamblingSid »

I don't have anything really new to add other than that over the last few months I've found myself visiting here less often because of the tone of some of the more recent comments. And I had to stop my kids visiting here unsupervised because I couldn't be sure the posts would be suitable, especially in the Beano and Dandy sections which interest them most.

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Mr Valeera
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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by colcool007 »


I totally agree with you. I also do wargaming and the amount of people that I know but would not give a home visit to is unreal as they can never accept that their opinions could in fact be at 180 degrees to the truth. And those that do know their facts are even worse! :roll:

This site is supposed to be open to all ages from 8 months (if they can type well enough! :D ) to 80 and beyond. We do not need the grief from spam wars, trolls or any of the other troubles that plague many sites.

In some ways, I have been lax and not perhaps pursued some offenders, but as I usually skip the Beano and Dandy threads (my knowlegde there is about 30 plus years out of date) I only found out some of this behaviour after the event. And for that I apologise to the responsible members who think before they post and those that have been offended.

From now on, if I am not in comic mode, I WILL be in Grumpy Moderator Mode.
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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by wilsia »

Respect and good manners ahould be a must for everyone participating in the forum.
I wouldnt dream of insulting anyone and expect the same from others.. That said in any hobby there will be a bit of passion and strong views and I personally wouldnt get upset just because someone
had completely different views from mine.

Lew is entitled of course to "move on" but it does seem a bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. He felt bored with having to explain the realities of publishing why did he just not ignore that type of thread and enjoy the other ones.

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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by STARBOY »

To be fair to Lew Wilsai he was also getting personal messages from some folk on here that were beyond the pale - I'am aware of some of the content of these PMs and I would have done exactly what Lew did (actually I would have been less decent than Lew) once folk take it on themselves to take time out and send you PMs like that its (IMHO) time to move on in case it escalates -I thought prestorjohn hit the nail on the in his comments head.:)

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paw broon
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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by paw broon »

I go on holiday, come back, find all this going on. As a new member on this forum, I hope I haven't offended anyone. If I have, please be assured it was unintended. I'm here because I love comics - of most sorts. As such and given my age, my opinions are strongly held in some cases and I believe the same to be true of many others on this forum. Strongly held opinions, however, are not an excuse for bad behaviour, bad mouthing, insults or going in the huff. What I hope contributors want is an exchange of views, enlightenment, knowledge and a bit of fun.
I'm sad that Lew and others have decided to leave. Lew wont remember, I'm sure, but I met him a couple of times many years ago at London cons, when they were at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster and I was a part of the Scottish contingent and usually a bit the worse for wear. In the short time I've been on here, I've been interested in and informed by his contributions.
I have to say that when I joined comics UK, the forum did feel a bit more edgy and less respectful of others views at times than I had been used to on GAC and Digital Comics Museum but nothing to suggest that things had gone, or were about to blow up, so badly. It's a real shame.
My knowledge of Beano, Dandy and other British titles is about 30 years out of date and I don't particularly like what I see in those titles nowadays, so I don't visit that section very often.

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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by philcom55 »

Ah yes - those halcyon Westminster Marts at the Methodist Central Hall. I always found it strange to think that I was trying to complete my set of Stanley & his Monster at the birthplace of the United Nations! :)

- Phil Rushton (I'm pretty sure you've nothing to worry about when it comes to offending people Paw - though like you I tend not to follow the modern-day Dandy and Beano threads.)

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paw broon
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Re: Conduct Of Members

Post by paw broon »

So, you could be one of the many people in front of whom I managed to fall down?
I remember those London marts and cons with great pleasure. One of the first I was at, I bought, "Secret Life of Private Strong" # 1 & 2 (the Archie Shield revival) from Allan Austin. I'd always wanted them having seen them in a newsagent in Airdrie when they initially came out and I didn't have any money. Still have them.
If you have any recollections of bumping into me, I fervently hope they aren't too embarrassing.

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