Who is missing the print Dandy...?

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Re: Who is missing the print Dandy...?

Post by r3tr0_gam3r »

I know what you mean, it is the same argument people occasionally have with music downloads. Do you really own the music if you've downloaded it rather than buying a disc? I guess we'll never really solve that argument, as there will always be people who support one side and people supporting the other.

I definitely agree with you on not being able to download the comics. If you could read them on your device (iPad, Kindle, PC etc) without having to be connected to the internet, it would feel a lot more like you own it.

I'm glad there are people out there enjoying it and hope it does work well.

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Re: Who is missing the print Dandy...?

Post by Digifiend »

Actually, downloading might be possible, though I've not tried it, and it's not officially supported. Open the frame in a new tab as described in the Digital Dandy thread, then save the entire webpage. It should save all the files too, allowing it to be read offline.

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Re: Who is missing the print Dandy...?

Post by stevenhartley123 »

Being Frank, am not really bothered about the digital Dandy. The prints are evidently the most superior by a long chalk..

Personally, I'm a lover of Dandy when they produced comics in the late 80s and early 90s...which I'm in the midst of collecting at the moment. I checked out what it looks like in a BBC article...and they now have their comic strips animated?? Some digital age, eh?
Love the 80s and 90s Dandy and Beanos...

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Re: Who is missing the print Dandy...?

Post by alanultron5 »

Its sad to think its no longer on newsagents shelves, but, times change! If digital is the only way it can survive in any form, then that's that-but sad that it has `physically` gone!
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Re: Who is missing the print Dandy...?

Post by SID »

I agree, Alan.

I just wish DCT advertised it more (even if it was only in their other publications).
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Re: Who is missing the print Dandy...?


Modern trends in downloading music yields acceptable results for most young people, who listen on mobile phones and other portable equipment---but the quality of music reproduction has undoubtedly degraded in the past few years-----fewer people are bothering to listen through 'proper' seperates equipment at home, and as a lot of music is deliberately recorded too loud in order to grab the listeners' attention---there's a raging debate about this step backwards-------a lot of modern recordings will sound terrible through a 'higher-end' system.

Downloading music is not for me, it has got nothing to do with the reasons I enjoy it, which involve real-world discs and packaging. I can probably store most of the music I prefer at home on compact disc: doing the same with thousands of comics is quite another matter.....also, how permanent is a downloaded comics file, even if it is transferred onto a disc or hard-drive? I'm not convinced for the long haul.....

I am on the fence regarding digitized comics: for portability and storage, it's the tops: but quality of the onscreen image is so variable, ranging from very good to adequate.

I totally agree that reading comics online is uncomfortable, and only bearable for a few editions---it is possible, though......

I am happy to see that DCT are biting the bullet with cutting-edge technology, but paper comics and digi-versions are two wholly seperate entities to me, they are two different worlds and I am from a previous Century, I'm afraid........

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