Global Warming

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Re: Global Warming

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Didn't the warming start before the industrial revolution and hasn't accelerated or decelerated since?

Didn't some climate scientists omit data from thier findings because it didn't match 'accepted theory'?

Wasn't an off-hand comment published in the New Scientist (a pop-science magazine not a proper journal) taken as a fact and used as a point at an important climate change meeting?

I used to be the sort who said all the "global warming deniers" should "sod off back to America" but now even i'm having doubts.

And are all these "deniers" really "oil industry scientists" or is that just some un-checked 'fact' that can be thrown out in these conversations... like the story that the Chevy Nova didn't sell well in South America because "Nova" is Spanish for "Doesn't go"?

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Re: Global Warming


I partly blame the mass-production of consumer 'junk' for much of the problems associated with Global Warming.....I am as guilty as anyone regarding buying needless consumer goods, but I do try and buy stuff which is built to last, but this is becoming increasingly difficult, as so much modern appliances in particular are built to last for a short time.

Now that China are becoming 'Westernized', this materialistic disease looks set to spread planet-wide, which can only hasten the advancement of Man's blinkered destiny, which is heading for death by consumerism....


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