Favourite Junior book!

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Re: Favourite Junior book!

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Phoenix wrote:I do have a complete list of the artists of the Bunty stories, which was sent to me sometime last year by David Roach at a time when my concept of the book was limited to the serials in Bunty, but I will just have to omit them as I don't have the names of the artists for the serials in the other ten titles as well.

That's a shame - personally I'd love to see David's list. I guess it leaves room for somebody to produce a more traditional Bunty Index at some point in the future however.

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Re: Favourite Junior book!

Post by Phoenix »

philcom55 wrote:I can understand why you haven't included Thomson's Romance titles like Romeo and Jackie since they belong to a different genre and were mainly aimed at an older age group, but did you consider Thomson's late 1980s girls' comic Hi!?
Phoenix wrote:I have seen a number of adverts for it in other girls' papers.
I've just come across an ad in an issue of Mandy for Hi!'s second issue, Phil. It would appear to have come out on a Friday. Was 32p a lot of money in 1988? These days I can't seem to remember some things that recent. :shock:

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