MCM Vs Showmasters

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MCM Vs Showmasters

Post by JimboJones »

Howdy folks

Which is the best of these two conferences, or are there others I should be considering?

I'm an amateur when it comes to all things comic culture, but that is slowly changing thanks to my 11yo son's growing enthusiasm and comic book artistry. His grandparents asked what he might like for Xmas and I said "Please, no plastic crap, give him an experience - he'd love to go to Comic Con!"

Naturally they asked me "What does that mean and how do we do that?"

Anyway, these are the two biggest hits on Google and I'm keen to know their individual pros, cons and pitfalls, but equally open to different suggestions.

I hope some of you can help. Thank you :-)

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Re: MCM Vs Showmasters

Post by colcool007 »

Jimbo, it depends on where you live and exactly who you want to see. Portsmouth Comic Con has some awesome comic artist guests. As does the LICAF in Kendall.

MCM or Showmasters are great for US centric comics but not really that great if you're only into British comics. Seeing the cosplayers can be an experience and I'm 51 not 11!

If you do go to a con, take a can of deodorant as you can get sweaty while there. Shower at the start of the day is also a good call.

Take plenty of fluids as some of the cons have vendors that are eye wateringly expensive.

Set a budget and stick to it.

Go round the whole event twice before you buy anything unless it is a 'grail' item. When you go round the event, go round once clockwise and the second time anti-clockwise as it is genuinely surprising how different an event can look just by doing that one thing.

Both MCM and Showmasters put on good events but they tend to be London-centric. Give us an idea of where you are as that might change the recommendation.

And welcome to the board.
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