Comic Title Sites
2000AD Webring: There are many dedicated 2000AD web sites. This link puts you right in the heart of the 2000AD webring, so you can select one of many 2000AD related websites.

The official 2000AD Website: Consists of many zones like Prog Zone, Thrill Zone, Spinoff Zone etc. There is just too much going on in this Website to mention here. I suggest you give it a visit.

Tom Allen's tribute to the artists and writers of 2000AD: A comprehensive list of the writers and artists of 2000AD along with write-ups of the Crisis comic.

Action Force site: A site dedicated to the breakaway comic Action Force. It includes covers of all the 50 issues and some very good background information to the publication.

Action site: An excellent fan site dedicated to the comic that was so near the knuckle back in the 1970's that it actually got banned. Moose Harris, an obvious fan and man after my own heart, has built a site detailing everything about IPC's forerunner to 2000AD, including scans of many of the banned strips.

Battle Picture Weekly: A fan site from Mark Jarvis that is slowly building up to cover all the stories from the golden age of this comic. Includes overviews of Darkie's Mob and Major Eazy.

The official Beano Website: Details some nice history about The Beano (& The Dandy) comics, along with their famous (and infamous) characters. It has games for the younger person, as well as its own Gazette featuring stories from Beanotown.

Buster fan Website: Built by Matt Bowen, this fan Website is totally dedicated to Fleetway's first comic release since it took over from Amalgamated Press, Buster. It covers everything from 1960 to 2000 with some very interesting anecdotes as well.

Chatterbox Website: The most comprehensive Chatterbox site on the Internet. Frank Skinner (no, I don't think it's that FS), has amassed a plethora of information about the Chatterbox story paper and its founder John Erskine Clarke.

Commando: The official website for DC Thomson's the long-running Commando publication. Includes a back issues section, covers of every issue and general history of this publication that has been running since 1961.

Tom Allen's tribute to the artists and writers of Crisis: Another comprehensive list of the writers and artists of the 2000AD politically motivated publication Crisis.

The official Dandy Website: A comprehensive Website dedicated to everything Dandy. The Home page is a Forum where visitors can add their views. There's a character profile section of all the current stars and an artist section.

The Eagle comic: Nicholas Hill has created an absolutely wonderful site dedicated to the Eagle and in particular, the pilot of the future, Dan Dare. The site includes very detailed information about the history of the Eagle and Dan's creator, Frank Hampson. It also details some of the backroom shenanigans that went on.

The Gem story paper: A wonderful history of this great story paper (which preceded Magnet by one year) from 1926-1928. Although it only concentrates of these three years, you do get a good feel of what the Gem was all about.

Jenni Scott has written a wonderful article about the popular girls comic Jinty. Jenni does seem to do an amazing amount of travelling in her life, and every now and again she updates her Website.

The Look-In Picture Strip Archive: A very comprehensive site from John Stewart, Darrell (Daz) Andrews and Steve dedicated to the Junior TV Times, Look-In. It is attempting to display every page of every issue that's ever been published and is asking for help from anyone out there who still has some old issues. It's also a nostalgic trip into the world of 70's and 80's TV. Who remembers Stewpot, On The Buses and Please Sir?

Look and Learn: An excellent Website dedicated to that luxury comic-mag from the 1960's, 70's and 80's that combined comic strips with excellent articles ranging from sport, history, nature, literature, astronomy and art. This site has managed to acquire the rights to Look and Learn as well as many other comics from this era. A very well constructed website and another one that will need a few visits to take it all in. An excellent site dedicated to that cult girls comic from IPC Magazines, Misty. Has all the pages from the early issues and good write ups on some of the stories like The World Of Shadows, and A Pool Of Life. Well worth a visit.

Scream Website: Great site dedicated to that short-lived horror comic of the 1980's, Scream! It has a great character and story overview section, all the pages from the very first issue, also a Cover Art and History page. You can also Email Ghastly McNasty.

Starhawk: A Website dedicated to many of the less glamorous, but still ruddy good, British comics from the 1970's and 1980's. The Cap also has sections dedicated to Crunch, Buddy, Spike, Victor and Hotspur as well. This site is constantly being updated and well worth a visit.

Starlord Website: Another excellent Website from Moose Harris, the founder of the Action site above. This one contains scans of all the covers and many of the actual stories.

This Toby site by Billy O'Brien is the only one on the whole Internet as far as I can tell that is dedicated to this younger-reader comic. Contains scans of the comics, specials and annuals along with actual stories from them. There is also a Characters page and details about its merger with the See-Saw comic.

The Topper Universite: Built by Steve O'Hara (aka Toxteth O'Grady) and contains lots of excellent stats and images from this rather forgotten comic from the D.C. Thomson stable. This was the comic that saw the birth of Nobby, Fred the Flop and Jimmy Jinx. Nice one Steve, and thanks for the reminder about a really pleasant comic.

Victor Book for Boys website: This web site contains just about everything that you'll need to know about the Victor comic. It has front covers of the comics, specials and annuals as well as their contents, when know. Appears to be well researched.

Victor-Hornet Comics site: Adrian Banfield has set up this site dedicated to D.C. Thomson's boys' comics, The Victor and The Hornet. Inside there are scans of the comic, it's history, identifying artists and even an interview with James Halley, the Victor editor since 1964.

Viz Website: The official Website of the fantastic adult comic Viz. It has many, many pages all presented in the same vein as the comic itself. The crap jokes section is very funny.



Reference Sites

ABC Warriors site: A tribute to the 2000AD story ABC Warriors. It incudes writers and artists overviews and a synopsis of the story.

Adam Eterno site: An absolutely fabulous fan site by Cap Storm dedicated to the man that couldn't die, (unless struck with a solid gold object.) The site is an absolute plethora of information including Adam's history, his creators, a stripography and covers, plus such a lot more. Yet another site where you'll be transfixed for ages. Nice one Cap.

Blakania: An excellent site dedicated to the super sleuth himself, Sexton Blake. An absolute cornucopia of Blake history, including front covers and over 5,000 story synopsis - phenomenal. An excellent read if you enjoy these writings of over a century ago.

British Comics: Vic Whittle's collectors site. This ones strong point is the British Pocket Library section, detailing titles of publications like, Commando, Battle Picture Library and Air Ace, among many, many others. Also has some good start/end date details on the home page.

The Broons And Oor Wullie site: Great site dedicated to those Sunday Post favourites, The Broons and Oor Wullie. Contains images from the stories, a who's who of the Broons family and a lovely biography of Dudley D. Watkins. Also has a very detailed annual section.

The Official Bryan Talbot Fanpage: Detailing his past (including 2000AD), present and future work. Well navigated and interesting links. Written by fan, James Robertson. James calls this site a fanpage, but it's certainly bigger than that!

Charley's War: An excellent fan site by Neil Emery that is dedicated to Charley Bourne and his creators Pat Mills and the late Joe Colquhorn. An absolute must see for any fan this one.

Dan Dare Interactive: A Java-based interactive website from Peter J. Inns dedicated to the Eagle and Dan Dare. Includes an excellent overview on the Pilot Of The Future and a very nice fun page, which includes Eagle jigsaw puzzles and word-searches. If you're using XP, you'll need to install the Java software.

Dachshund early comics: An immensely absorbing site by the very hardworking Andy Konkykru. This site details the 'world' history of comics from 840 to 1929, with very detailed overviews of printing history and artists of the 18th and 19th centuries, including Gillray, Rowlandson and Hogarth. And you thought Funny Folks and Comic Cuts were the first comics!

Down the Tubes is run by the hard-working John Freeman, a freelance editor, writer and creative consultant based is Lancaster, England. He has got his finger right on the British comics pulse and always seems to grab an exclusive British comics story. This site is well worth a visit and is definitely well worth putting into your favourites. Nice one!

Gerry Anderson fan Shaqui Le Vesconte has set up an excellent reference site to all things Gerry Anderson. There are profiles on all the characters from all the series, plus fully readable strips from the comics. I think Shaqui knows more about Gerry Anderson than Gerry Anderson!! You'll be here for a while.

The Nelson Lee Library completely indexed from issue #1 (12th June 1915), through its amalgamation with Gem and beyond. Details the name of the story and its writer. An incredible index.

Nigel's Webspace: This site has many, many annuals of Boys and Girls comics, Football annuals including the Rothmans Yearbooks, British TV annuals and a wonderful Pears Cyclopedia Gallery.

Fleetway Street is a section within the Toonhound website. It goes a long way into highlighting just how good the Fleetway/IPC publications really were, with their modern approach to humour. Fleetway Street details many of the comics, has excellent info on the artists and even has some of the strips to view. Excellent stuff.

Frank Bellamy the Checklist: An exhaustively researched and informative website, by Norman Boyd, dedicated to the excellent artist Frank Bellamy. It has a comics, annuals, magazines and newspapers section (amongst others) that have featured all his work, including some unpublished material. an excellent website.

Girls Comics of Yesteryear: A fan site dedicated to British girl comics of the past, looking at three of the most long lasting publications of Bunty, Mandy and Judy. Is regularly updated and has a panel of the week section on the front page as well as a Recent Posts and Feedback section.

International Hero belongs to Stuart Vandal an absolute oracle of all things comic. Although he specialises in Marvel and DC, his knowledge of the British stuff is quite phenomenal. I've had the pleasure of meeting the guy and I now know who to come to when I'm stuck for an answer to a comic related question.

Penrith City: A fabulous reference site dedicated to children's books. Take a look at the Children's annuals and story paper section. There's also a nice section on Billy Bunter....Yarooh!

Pulgen Story Papers Database: Another in-depth site which has an incredible index of all the story papers that have come our way over time. The details include start dates, publishers, number of issues, editors and prices for every single publication. An amazing piece of research.

Stanford University: Another great resource which displays those old comics which you've only heard of. Because it is a stateside university you'll find it difficult to enter at about noon GMT. However, once in, and after you keep replying 'YES' to the security messages you can get to see these old comics and story papers. It is quite slow on the downloads as well, but some of the images are worth the wait.

This is Steve Holland's site. Steve, along with Ray Moore, has surely got to be one of the best oracles of British comics knowledge in the land. They have written many soft-cover books on both Fleetway and D.C. Thomson publications and with this site, Steve is opening our eyes to the numerous story-papers that once graced our news stands. With the very sad passing of Denis Gifford, Mr Holland, along with Ray, seems to have taken over his mantle. This particular site is dedicated to indexing British comics, story papers and annuals. It is extremely in- depth, and details publications like Magnet, Thriller, Sexton Blake Library and many of the Aldine story papers. It cross references publications with their writers, as well as detailing every story within each publication. This site is truly deep!

Tough Of The Track: A well researched web site dedicated to Alf "I've run 'em all" Tupper. There are many pages of the actual strips which can be read and a plethora of historical details. Well worth a visit if you're a Tupper fan and if you're not, then click here and you might just become one.

A tribute to the Trigan Empire story and, of course, Don Lawrence. Not too much about the writer Mike Butterworth but lots of images and information.




Lew Stringer's 'New' Blog (started 1st March 2013): Is about himself and details the comic work he is currently doing and has done since the early 1980's.

Lew Stringer's 'Old' Blog (here): Is still available and covers many aspects of British comics. Lew is a comic writer/artist and a font-of-comic-knowledge. This blog contains a prolific output of really well constructed opinions and a plethora of facts. You'll be here for ages.

Peter Gray's Blog: Peter Gray already has his main Website here, but decided to create his own blog at the start of 2008, and very good it is too. Peter is very in to artists, because he is one himself, and details lots of information and scans from all the major artists.

Steve Holland's Blog: Steve Holland has written many, many books on British comics and story papers. They detail their history, the artists and writers and practically every conceivable angle about the publications. Like Lew Stringer and Ray Moore (amongst others) Steve has a plethora of knowledge about the subject.

Eagle Times: Dedicated to the original Eagle comic, this blog has been created to provide an additional, more immediate, forum for news and commentary about the society and EAGLE-related issues.

Fustar: Forum member Fustar has created an excellent blog, where he discusses comics, television, sport and many other subjects in a 'straight- talking' blog.

British Comic Art: An appreciation of British comics from Forum member Crow. This blog is saturated with excellent pages of British comic art from yesteryear, with acknowledgements to the artists who drew them. Looks like this could be a big 'un. Brilliant stuff.

Beezer's Golden Years: Simon Mackie's excellent blog about D.C. Thomson's Beezer comic.

Norman Boyd's Frank Bellamy blog has been going since 2007 and runs in parallel with his parent site at blog site where he notifies readers of any additions, corrections etc on the He also adds pictures as time goes by which helps to make more sense of why so many people love Bellamy's work even after all these years after his far-too-early death in 1976



Writers and Artists

Lambiek comiclopedia: Lambiek is a comic and sequential art shop based in Amsterdam. However, their Website also comprises a fantastic Artists database with biographies of hundreds of artists. Excellent.

Jeremy Banks' site: JB used to be an artist for Oink! back in the 1980's who is now working for the Financial Times.

Jim Croasdale's tribute to British comic artists which includes biographies and samples of the artists works. Read about Joe Colquhoun, Ron Turner and Mike Western and bathe in the artwork that we all know and love.

Leo Baxendale's Own Site: And this is where Leo lives (in cyber space anyway). The Master Of Bash Street site details exhibitions where his work can be seen and has a nice chronology of his own career. Hey, this is a BIG name from comic history that is still alive and kicking!

Alfred Bestall biography: A moving tribute to the artist that made Rupert so loved. He carried on from the creator of Rupert (Mary Tourtel) in 1935 and made Rupert, the bear that we know and love today. Alfred passed away in 1986 at the grand old age of 95 - wow!

Friardale: This site contains an astounding amount of information about Charles Hamilton, the creator of Billy Bunter amongst many other characters and schools. It contains overviews written about the history of the Magnet, Gem, Boy's Friend and all the other publications that Charles wrote for. The site also contains links to old radio and television archives, including interviews with the man himself. The site is very basic in design but very thorough in content.

Click here for an indexing site of all these publications.

Charles Hamilton: The man with many pseudonyms and the worlds most prolific writer is lovingly remembered here. A highly recommended read!!!!

Want some more, click here!

The Henty Society: A site developed by enthusiasts of writer George Alfred Henty, who wrote many historical adventures back in the nineteenth century and became editor of the original Union Jack between 1880 and 1883. Visit the site to see what else he was involved in.

Don Lawrence: A site dedicated to the artist responsible for The Trigan Empire (amongst many many other works). Don has many websites about him and his work. Sadly, Don passed away in December 2003.

Trevor Metcalfe: Started work back in 1965 in the Buster comic with Our Great Grandpa and later drew Damsel In Distress for Shiver And Shake in the 1970's. Trevor has now gone hi-tech and is involved in 2-D animation and animated gifs.

J. Edward Oliver: A very well constructed and informative site dedicated to J.Edward Oliver, who arrived on the British comic scene in the 1970's and contributed to Whizzer And Chips, Whoopee, Wow, BVC and Buster. In fact he was the guy who switched off the lights when Buster came to an end. J(ack) created Cliff Hanger (with the variable endings), Crazy Maisie, Calculator Corner and was interested in creating stories which allowed the reader to do more then just read the script. JEO sadly passed away in May 2007.

Robert Nixon : The creator of Kid Kong, Gums and King Arthur and his Frights of the Round Table amongst numerous other comic-strips, is remembered here. The site contains a brief overview of his career, his Fantasy Art and Landscapes, and a section to purchase a series of his prints. There is also a very warm tribute written by Robert's close friend and fellow artist Trevor Metcalfe here. Robert sadly passed away in 2002.

Ron Turner: This page is dedicated to the life and works of Ron Turner. Ron is more famous for his Rick Random strips, but was incredibly talented and also worked on the Daleks, Action and TV21. Ron sadly passed away in December 1998.

Dudley Dexter Watkins: An excellent biographical page about the creator of Lord Snooty, Biffo The Bear, The Broons and Oor Wullie (amongst other works). A very very in-depth synopsis of the great man. DDW passed away in 1969.

Organisations / Publications
Border Line is an online comics magazine with some interesting articles on British comics and the current British scene. It uses PDF downloads at three different resolutions (Low/Med/High). The content is very good, especially the Comics Milestones and 2000AD sections. It's slap bang up to date and is run by volunteers, who have set up a PayPal account for satisfied customers to donate any funds to.

  Auction & Selling Sites
The Book Palace is a Retailer and distributor of all types of illustrated books on popular culture, as well as a premier source of original British and American comics, graphic novels, annuals and pocket books.
They have excellent contacts and a phenomenal number of British comics and annuals to sift through.

Tony's Trading belongs to Tony Butcher a collector extraordinaire. This site is primarily for conducting swaps of comic annuals, Comic Strip books, character badges and picture cards, amongst many other items. He will also sell for reasonable prices.

SuperheroStore specialise in all things comic. Not just the US superhero variety but also the British stuff as well. The site often runs petitions and voting polls about comic related topics and judging by the entries in the Forum section of Comics UK, they have a very good understanding of the British scene.

Pure Nostalgia belongs to Steve Penny. This site is dedicated to all childhood collectibles like Comics, Annuals, Jigsaws, Toys and Magazines. If you can't obtain that annual on eBay, maybe you should give Steve's well constructed site a whirl.

Rob Rudderham has an excellent shop in Putney, South West London which is a browsers paradise. He also has a very up-to-date online catalogue for you to browse through and order comics at very reasonable prices. Give it a whirl, you might just find what you're after at a lower price than you imagined.

Tilleys Vintage Magazine Shop: Deals in many British comic and story paper titles as well as a plethora of Number 1's and special issues.

Phil-Comics: This auction site belongs to Phil Shrimpton who has been dealing in comics since his school days and has bought from car boot sales, antique shops, local newspapers and, of course, eBay, which is where Phil conducts a lot of his business.

26 Pigs: Formerly known as Plug. A site which started with a comprehensive library of British comics and has now developed into a selling and auction site. They have many traders on there and thousands of items for sale. GO on, give it a go!

Comic Book Auctions Ltd: An auction house which is well worth a visit if you want to buy some original comics, annuals or artwork. . The site also lists previous results, which can act as a guide.

eBay Auctions: eBay have 'Rolling Auctions'. This means that new items come up for auction as and when people decide to list them. The items are normally available for bidding on for no more than 9 days. If you win, you'll get notified by Email and the seller. Excellent to fill gaps in collections and for seeing just what comic memorabilia is available and what people are prepared to pay for it.


Non-Comic Related Websites
What a Carry On: A very, very in-depth website about the Carry On empire. Is dedicated to the Carry On films from the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. It tells of what is happening with the remaining Carry On members and their fans. Regular Stars, Irregular stars, Gallery, Videos, Sounds, Interviews. A really lovely tribute site.

Catweazle Site: Who remembers this brilliant 1970's TV series starring Geoffrey Bayldon. This award winning site is totally dedicated to Catweazle. Were there really only 26 episodes? This site contains a full write-up of each one, plus a cast and crew link.

Double Deckers - Another site dedicated to a children's TV programme. The Double Deckers was an absolute must for me and my sister during the school holidays and this site gives an abundance of information about it, including interviews with most of the stars. It also has a monthly sponsor, now there's an idea.

The Goodies - Another fan site dedicated to a 1970's TV series. The Goodies was a must for me when I was a kid. I wonder what I would think of the series now. It's about time it got aired again. Come on UK Gold! This site tells you what the three Goodies are currently up to, and has a good forum section.

Whirligig - Mike Storey's excellent site dedicated to British television of the 1950's. Includes a detailed list of all the major British television events throughout this decade along with people's memories and a vast array of video and radio clips from these programmes. It'll take you ages to go through it all. Great stuff!

Will Hay - Star of stage, radio, film and comics. He did appear in the Jolly Comic back in the 1930's. This site is dedicated to his life and career, with obvious mentions of his two regular side-kicks, Moore Marriot and Graham Moffat. Click here for another Will Hay site.

On The Buses - Another excellent fan site dedicated to the popular 1970's TV series. This site is quite detailed and includes cast and crew information, episode guides, quizes and newsletters amongst other items. Another nostalgic trip.

Norman Wisdom - Appeared in Film Fun comic for many years. This fan site is dedicated to this great man of British humour. It lists his films and has sound bites from them - This man led an absolutely genuine rags-to-riches story and I think some film producer should finance the making of a biographical film about our Norm.

If you know of a website with a British comic or story-paper theme, and would like to see it on this links page, then kindly send the details via the Feedback page